Engineering is my passion and I am never without a project. This page will eventually showcase all of my projects which I think are cool enough to share.

Once I finish this website, what can you expect to see here? The list below contains only my favorite projects; you can expect many more as this website is slowly completed.

  • Thesis – Designing and building a wireless photoplethysmograph system (PPG) utilizing compressed sensing to significantly reduce power consumption.
    • Custom algorithm based on previous publications. Simulations and verification completed in MATLAB.
    • Designing custom wireless platform. Algorithms being implemented and tested on real hardware.
    • Two separate IEEE journal publications are planned.
  • Character Recognition using a Neocognitron
  • Non-Contact EEG System
  • NJC’s MSP430 LaunchPad Blog
  • A Homemade 3D Printer (RepRap) Blog
  • Embedded QRS Detection Algorithm
  • Many More…

I hope that you are excited to read about these projects! Not only will I be posting generic information about these projects, but I will also post code and schematics when it is possible to do so.